Free Microsoft Software

Get Your Free Microsoft Software & Tools At The MSDN Academic Alliance Software Center & Dreamspark

  • DreamSpark

Do you know that, as a student we can get a lot of privileged and one of them is free software. Microsoft to provide students with software design and development tools no charge at The DreamSpark, program was announced by Bill Gates on February 19, 2008 during a speech at Stanford University. It is estimated that up to 35 million students will be able to access these software titles free of charge through this program.

Good News,

Welcome! UTM has been register all student in  in university/college ELMS for MSDNAA online software system. Here you can download and access a wide range of Microsoft developer tools, servers, and platforms. There is no charge to download the software as long as you are an eligible user in the System.

How Does it Work?

Your university/college is licensed under the MSDN Academic Alliance Program which enables eligible students and faculty members to access software available under the Program. e-academy Inc., a partner of Microsoft, is providing ELMS for MSDNAA to you.

:-For more info click here.


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