About Us! 🙂

Alhamdulillah. This website is completed within the period that we targeted.

Our main objective is to help students especially civil engineering students to have their own past year examination question collection through the web site that we create.

Study Case Of This Project: We found out that even though UTM is provide the past year questions paper in softcopy (LESTARI), unfortunately, this questions are not updated years by years. So, through our website that we create, we hope that it can help students preparing themselves for examination that is around the corner by using this past year question papers as a source of revision.


5 of us! 🙂

For your information, there are five people that work hard to make sure this project is completed with success.

Lukman khidir bin Zainalabidin was voted as the Project Manager (PM). His calm and cool personality makes this project is done with flying colors. This charm man is responsible to make sure all the task is completed on the time.

Our Assistant Project Manager (APM) is Zulhelmi Affendi Zulkifli. This brilliant guy is always come out with outstanding ideas. As the APM, he is responsible to help the PM to coordinate the entire group mate when perform the task.

Sectary of this project is Puteri Syafiqah A Aziz. Talkative yet hardworking, this girl is the main core of the group. She is responsible in all the lettering work.

Majority of the group mate was voted Siti Halimah Ishak as the Treasurer. Even though she is quiet and shy girl, but she always perform her task perfectly and always came out with unique ideas. As the treasurer, she will record all the debit credits of the funds that we use in this project.

Last but not least, our Multimedia Designer, Mohamed Hazim bin Mohammad. This smart guy always has a critical and also creative thinking. He responsible to create this website beside the advertisement. He build this website from sketch until it become reality. He really amazing guy to work with.










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