GOOD News…!! AUTOCAD Software For FREE…!! Provided by Autodesk Education Community…


1. What is the Education Community website?

The Education Community is an online community where students and educators can download free* software term licenses, find valuable learning resources, and connect with people and jobs. To learn more, visit

2. How do I register the Education Community?

It’s easy, you must be a student means who is participating in a valid academic program and taking either three (3) or more credit hours or a nine-month or longer certificate program. And you need a student email address provided by the administration.

3. Can I obtain and use software made available to students if I am not a student?

No. The applicable Autodesk Software License Agreement limits use of Student Versions and Personal Learning Editions to use by a faculty member or a degree-, diploma- or certificate-seeking student participating in a valid academic program at the secondary or postsecondary level.

Autodesk may, at any time, audit your use of such software to verify your compliance with the terms of the applicable Autodesk Software License Agreement, including, but not limited to any such eligibility requirements.

AutoCad 2011

4. Are older versions of software available on the Education Community?

The Education Community generally offers the most current version of a software title plus one version back.

5. Can the same student install a product on two different computers?

No. The Software License Agreement (SLA) allows a user to only install Autodesk software on a single computer.

6. How many times can a student download the product?

The installation file(s) can be downloaded as many times as you want, but each Education Community member is issued only one serial number for that version within a 3-year period. Without a serial number, the downloaded file will only work for a 30-day trial period.



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